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Our Classes



The Almonte Academy of Dance is proud to introduce our new Tumbling program.


This weekly thirty minute class is offered to 2 and 3 year olds. Its goal is to introduce young children to the joy of dancing. Theme classes and dance related games are often used while the children learn basic ballet and jazz techniques. This is an excellent class for young dancers just starting out, as well as a great way to expose your children to the beginnings of dance.

This is a once weekly forty-five minute class offered to children who are 4 years in age. Similar to PreDance, our Kinderdance program provides an upbeat and fun atmosphere to learn the beginnings of dance and all it has to offer. Children will be exposed to basic ballet and jazz technique skills in a team working based environment.

Boys Hip Hop
At the Almonte Academy of Dance, we encourage boys to dance and participate in all classes, however we have provided our parents and their sons an alternative option with an ALL BOYS class! This class is structured for Level -1 ages 4-7 and Level- 2 ages 8-10+ dancers and focuses on the upbeat and funky style of Hip Hop.

Level 1
This class is designed for children aged 5 to 7 years. Its an ideal class that exposes kids to a wide variety in dance styles ranging from Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz & Hip Hop, Jazz & Musical Theatre, Jazz & Lyrical, and Ballet & Lyrical. The variety keeps the children stimulated and allows them to discover what style of dance best suits them.

Level 2
This class is intended for children aged 8 to 10 years. There are multiple classes provided in this age division with styles such as Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz & Hip Hop, Jazz & Musical Theatre, Jazz & Lyrical, and Ballet & Lyrical. These classes provide a perfect environment for children to learn different styles of dance and build friendships with others.

Level 3
This class is recommended for 10 to 12 years. It exposes children to the sharp technique of Hip Hop, Jazz & Hip Hop, Tap, Lyrical, Ballet & Lyrical, . Students begin to learn more advanced movements in these styles. This class is a great deal of fun and students make noticeable progress from week to week.

Level 4
This class is intended for 13+ who are just beginning dance, as well as continuing dance, and who are aged 10 and up. There are many different classes available in the styles Jazz & Hip Hop, and new to this year for this age division, Lyrical. Students will strive to learn more complicated movements throughout the year, along with improving their physical conditioning, flexibility and strength.

Adult & Teen Variety
This class is recommended for our older teens, and adults who wish to keep active through the movement of dance. This class will touch on a variety of styles while improving fitness and cardio levels! Stop by to try it out, and visit/call our office for more details!